I must confess though, 2016 was mega rough on me. I almost didn’t want to consciously go through it at some point. Here’s a brief highlight of how much of a roller coaster this past year has been… 

Started the year off wasting the first 3 months on house hunting, finally found a place and spent another 1 month moving and settling down, fell seriously ill for the first time in almost 15 years, decided to take the plunge and finally launch my own TV show, got mad broke thanks to said launch with no recovery in sight, had mad fall outs with my closest friends, got even broker (crackers biscuit became a stable meal sef), started making up with said friends, began to see a glimmer of hope towards the end of the year, and had a bomb ass December!

You see, rollercoaster year indeed. In it all though, the best thing that happened to me all year which was a constant from the beginning is that my personal relationship with God got real good and it helped me through those really tight spots. Wouldn’t trade His grace for anything.

Now, in the final hours of 2016, I’m taking a good look at all I’ve been through and I can honestly smile from my heart. The year may have been a huge pain in the ass, but it gave me some of my best memories yet.

I honestly can’t wait for all the mad ass blessings and surprises 2017 holds! No matter how your last year was, the next one can only get better. Be glad that God has kept you this far and is gonna keep you even much longer. Love more, be happy, pray always, and have a glorious 2017!

Happy New Year in advance y’all! 😙


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  1. Biola · January 1, 2017

    Happy new year sweetie! The blessing of a new day brings hope to the heart

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