#DearDairy | Have I become Undateable?

So, earlier today I ran into a girl I knew was once a runs girl while I was grocery shopping with a friend. We hadn’t seen in over a year so we exchanged pleasantries and what not. Just as I was about to walk away she quickly chipped in, “Oh, did I tell you I was married now?”. The smile on my face froze and I said “Really?”. She said “Yes. He’s over there by the cashier.” as she brandished her ring finger in my face, pointing in the direction of where her man was. I looked at the general direction but did not seek him out because I would have lost my shit if he happened to be good looking too. 

I just mumbled words and started to walk away. My friend noticed the look on my face and asked me what happened. You should have heard the shriek in my voice as I wondered loudly, “How the heck can she be married?!” He told me to calm down. I honestly couldn’t be calm.

Not to sound petty or anything, but this babe wasn’t much of a looker, and she lacked in physical assets too. Yet she could find a man willing to propose to her and even wanna spend the rest of his life with her. And here I am, a 31 year old entrepreneur who has a great sense of humor, nice ass and boobs, can throw down in the kitchen and “the other room”, with an immense love for God, yet still chronically single with not so much as a suitable toaster.

This actually got me wondering though, am I the one doing something wrong? Is there a vibe I’m putting out there that is repelling the really good guys? Or am I just not the “marrying type”?


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  1. luluscripted · January 29, 2017

    Thank God I am not the only one who feels this way. The irony of life

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