#DearDiary | What is wrong with Dating-Of-Convenience though?

Ever heard of “Marriage of Convenience” before? Well, it is when a man and a woman decides to get married even though they don’t love each other. It’s mostly done as an arrangement that benefits them both, like a business transaction. For example, if one of them is gay and needs to be perceived as straight, or if they both want kids and their biological clocks are ticking, or one of them needs a green card…. You get the gist sha. 

This got me thinking though, why can’t we also have “Dating of Convenience”? Where you date each other for the sole purpose of sexual gratification and the occasional cuddle bonus. No gifts sharing on holidays, no unnecessary display of affection, when either one meets a family member he/she introduces you as a “very good friend” and nothing more, catching of feelings prohibited (unless both parties feel the same way, not that one sided bullshit), no monetary obligations from either side, no dates unless part of sex role play…. You know, a real friend with sexual benefits. Can’t this be a real thing?

Because, if I’m being honest, dating when in your 30s is so hard! It’s either every guy thinks all you have on your mind is marriage, or the rest think you’re not just the dating type, or that you’re just “too masculine” for them. Have you ever wondered if all I really want is a steady lay with no drama? What makes you think marriage is something I’m interested in any time soon?

Besides, I actually like the idea of an arranged marriage. This whole meeting and falling in love crap, who e epp? Have you seen the high rate of divorces right now? Can’t deal. Now, when I say “Arranged Marriage” I mean both man and woman weigh the pros and cons of why they should be together. They go at it the way you would a business plan. That way, if it looks like a good business to get into, then a partnership can be forged for better or for worse.

So, a Yay or Nay on the “Dating of Convenience”? 😏



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  2. Paul Thomas Bell · March 26

    Great read!

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