#DearDiary | What is wrong with Dating-Of-Convenience though?

Ever heard of “Marriage of Convenience” before? Well, it is when a man and a woman decides to get married even though they don’t love each other. It’s mostly done as an arrangement that benefits them both, like a business transaction. For example, if one of them is gay and needs to be perceived as straight, or if they both want kids and their biological clocks are ticking, or one of them needs a green card…. You get the gist sha.  Read More

#DearDairy | Where Did The Trust Go?

Growing up, I was one of those people who knew a lot of people but never had a close or best friend. Yes, I am way too friendly for my own good most times, but I still hold back when it comes to letting people in. My dad used to call me a loner ’cause there were days he would visit me back in boarding school and I’d always be alone. I can’t remember ever introducing a particular girl to my folks as my very good friend. This went on even till my early university days. And it didn’t help that I always changed schools like a skinny tampon. (I attended 3 primary schools, 4 high schools and 3 universities. Story for another time.)  Read More

#DearDairy | I Swam Today…

Earlier in the day, a very good friend of mine invited me and a couple others to chill pool side as it was his birthday and he only wanted family around him. I haven’t been in the pool since last year July but I was determined to spend most of the day in it. Now, keep in mind that all I do is float in the water because I haven’t let go of my aqua-phobia.  Read More

#DearDairy | Have I become Undateable?

So, earlier today I ran into a girl I knew was once a runs girl while I was grocery shopping with a friend. We hadn’t seen in over a year so we exchanged pleasantries and what not. Just as I was about to walk away she quickly chipped in, “Oh, did I tell you I was married now?”. The smile on my face froze and I said “Really?”. She said “Yes. He’s over there by the cashier.” as she brandished her ring finger in my face, pointing in the direction of where her man was. I looked at the general direction but did not seek him out because I would have lost my shit if he happened to be good looking too.  Read More

#DearDairy | I Think I’m Done Dating…

We single ladies have it the hardest. Especially when you’re tryna date and you’re over 30. Dating becomes a chore, and when you eventually do go on said dates you either end up with a scrub or worse! Don’t even get me started on dating a younger guy.
I just had one of the worst dates ever!!! Watch the video below to hear about my bad date experience.  Read More