#DearDiary | Susie’s Sexcapades

It has been a busy two weeks for me. Four weddings and two photoshoots, and a gazillion pictures to edit. I am so grateful to finally have a break. And hopefully some dick.

Couldn’t decide what to do on my day off so I got pretty stoned, took a shower and decided to go grocery shopping at the mall. I threw on some shorts under a long top and had my hair in a messy bun. The look kinda worked because I got a few heads turning as I walked into the mall. As I was picking out items I needed, the munchies started to hit me hard. I took my high ass to the soda aisle to get something to hold me while I finished up my shopping. As I reached for the last bottle of Viju chocolate I saw another hand do same.

“Hey!” I exclaimed as I turned to see who was about to get a beat down. It turned out to be a silver fox. He couldn’t be younger than 40 but he looked very good for his age.

“Sorry, wanted to get it for my daughter”

“It’s ok, you can have it” I say.

“Thanks” Oh! He has such a sexy smile.

I turned to leave because I could feel a light twitching between my thighs. I picked a sad looking bottle of Pepsi and carried on with my shopping.

I was flipping through Tinder as I was waiting in line to pay when I heard “Now I feel like you’re following me”. I was like ‘huh?’ Then I looked up and it was sexy zaddy again. I smiled politely because the twitching was back.

“So, am I going to get the name of the kind lady who surrendered her drink for me?”

I laughed this time.

“Hi, I’m Susie. You?”


“Nice to meet you” I turn back to push my shopping cart forward as it is my turn to pay. My bill is tallied up and as I’m about to hand the cashier my card, Dele lightly holds my hand to stop me and says “Please, let me” and he proceeds to pay in cash for all my things and his. Yep, I’m definitely wet and very intrigued now.

We silently stroll side by side as we exit the store. I pull out my phone to get an Uber when he asks “Where are you headed?”

“Adeniyi Jones” I replied.

“Oh, it’s on my route. Please let me drop you, if you don’t mind”. That smile again. I was too weak to say no. Besides, I was still somewhat stoned. On the drive to my place, I learnt he is an architect who works mostly on government based contracts, and that his wife was late. He has only one child, a daughter. Things were looking up. But I had some reservations because I’d never been with someone this old. I wondered if he could handle my libido.

I was still thinking about this when we reached my place. He helped me offload my groceries, such a gentleman. As I put them away, he slowly took in my one room apartment.

“Shitty, I know” I said.

“Not really” he said laughing.

“Would you like a drink?”

“Got any whiskey?”

“It must be your lucky day because I just bought some”

We both laughed.

We are both on our third glass of whiskey when I ask “Why is your smile so sexy though?” He laughed long and hard before calming down to answer me. Well, if you can call that an answer because he just leaned in and all I tasted next was whiskey breath and soft lips. His beard added a nice touch too. I felt his hands slowly work their way to my breasts. Each palm slowly claiming a nipple as his fingers closed in on the already erect mounds. He was so methodical yet very sensual with every touch.

His left hand let go of my left breast and slid all the way down till it found the button on my shorts, undid it, zipped down and slid his hand in. Thank God I’d shaved that morning. He let out a pleased moan the second his finger grazed my wetness. He slid one finger in and out then added another and repeated this till four fingers were inside. Then he had the thumb twirling my clit as his other fingers kept working my pussy. My eyes were already rolling backwards from the sensation and pleasure. I could feel his fingers grazing my G-spot and I almost screamed. I was close….so close to coming. My breath quickened. I was bucking my hips trying to match the rhythm of his fingers. Oh, I was so close. My moans were getting louder. Almost there…. Then I felt him slowly remove his fingers.

My mind was hazy so my eyes took a minute to adjust and open properly.

“Why….why did you st..stop?” I asked, still out of breath and slightly disoriented.

He looked me in the eyes while wearing that sexy smile, leaned in to kiss me deeply, pulls away then whispers sexily, “Delayed gratification is always better”. I sat there with a blank look on my face as he got up and said something about seeing me the following weekend then he left. Fifteen minutes later I’m still sitting there, confused, horny, angry and unfulfilled…. I let out a bewildered laugh as my fingers find their way down my clit and into my pussy as I lay back, letting out a soft moan as I work them in and out….in and out….in…


#DearDiary | In An Abusive Relationship

This is dedicated to all who work 9to5 jobs they barely even like. 👇

I’m in an abusive relationship with my work

Every day I wake up before my body does

I rush out even though the traffic won’t let me go fast

I get to work wishing I was still in bed

My boss keeps making me do unnecessary work

I carry the work load of 3, no, 4 people

I get paid for doing the job of half a person

It’s 5pm but I can’t leave

I work overtime, sometimes on leave too

Past 8pm and I’m 3 files away from going home

Finally I head home just before 10:30pm

Dinner is a myth at this point

Too tired to even bother running a quick shower

Sleep takes its time to come

Finally drift off just before midnight

By morning I’m up before the sun is

And I’m willing to do this 5 times a week, 4 weeks a month

Because, salary? security? uncertainty?

Sigh, I’m in an abusive relationship with work

When would I put this abuse to a stop?


#DearDiary | Susie’s Sexcapades

I’m feeling very giddy inside. As the Uber I’m in maneuvers countless potholes, my mind travels back to the day I met Ore. I was running late for a shoot that day. I remember I got out of the cab I was in to fly a bike instead. Soon as I sat on a bike, I noticed a guy run up to my bike but stop short a few meters away. I had a puzzled look on my face as I slowly assessed him. He had a lopsided smile, and his mouth hung as if in mid sentence as my bike pulled into the road. He certainly was a looker. Tall, dark and handsome. He was wearing a black tshirt and black joggers. He looked like he worked out regularly. The bike I took got me out of traffic and dropped me by the estate gate where the studio shoot was to hold. It was one of those almost fancy looking estates around Ikeja where only Keke Marwa is allowed. I had just settled into the next empty keke when someone lightly tapped my shoulder. I turn and saw it was the same dude. I burst out laughing hard because he looked like he was both out of breath and scared.

“Hi, sorry but can I talk to you for a minute?”

Of course I was intrigued so I reluctantly came out of the keke. I was already 10 minutes late for my shoot.

“Yes?” I said soon as we are out of hear shot from the other keke passengers.

“Please don’t be upset, I can tell you’re in a hurry. Can I just get your number and maybe call you later in the day?”

I saw no harm in this, especially after noticing the nice dick print through his track pants. 10 hours after meeting Ore, we were sweaty and entangled. That was a month ago.

Almost every other day for the past month, Ore has called and tried to get us to either go on a low key date or something. I’ve always made up excuses because he was sounding like he already caught feelings, and I don’t play that. But last night, I had just tried out a new strain of Arizona my herb dealer told me about and in my extremely high state Ore’s call came in. I picked up after the first ring and we talked for a bit. As he brought up the whole ‘let’s go on a date’ talk, I told him I would rather be thoroughly fucked by him than suffer through dinner with him. Somehow somehow we got into a “I’d fuck you so hard” contest and I heard myself agreeing to come over to his place for said match.

Now you know why I’m nervous. I heard the way he so confidently told me that he’d be super prepared to win this bet. Even though I’m on the bigger side, I do pride myself in being rather limber and flexible so I wasn’t so worried.

The closer I got to his place, the wetter I got. Ore opened his door shirtless, only wearing a pair of joggers. He was already not playing fair because his body is a work of art. Finely sculptured abs and packs with that “V” that leads from his torso to his lower abdomen. I think I let out a soft moan. Damn! He smiled as if knowing the effect he was having on me. I looked round, taking in his place, when I saw his bong on the center table. Then I smiled. He had pre-gamed up. I also came somewhat prepared. My shirt-gown was definitely having the right effect because I could spot a growing bulge through his joggers. I knew we wouldn’t chitchat long. The air was thick with desire. He ushered me into his room, as if giving me a tour of his place. He had one of those double thick mattresses that looked as if it was made for pleasure. I sat at the edge of the bed while he lowered the TV volume and put on some music mix instead.

As he sat by me, I could feel the heat from his body. I looked at him longingly as he was trying to form small talk. I think he noticed I was beginning to drool because he started to kiss me. He slowly stretched me out on the bed, all through not letting our lips part. Once he got me in the position he wanted he unlinked our lips to take of his pants. I took off my shirt-gown and bra quickly, leaving only my panties on. He reached for a condom, put it on then proceeded to slowly take of my panties. Tossing it on the floor, he continued to kiss me while his fingers found my wetness and explored. My moans got a little more audible, I couldn’t deny how pleasurable it felt. Then he suddenly stopped kissing me. I looked at him puzzled but he just smiled back as he lowered his face until I could feel his tongue twirling slowly around my clit. At this point my moans had gone a decibel higher. As my breath quickened and my hips gyrated to the rhythm of his tongue, he could tell I was close to cumming so without missing a beat he rammed his dick in me as I exploded all around his cock as he kept ramming into me. That sent me over the edge and I had multiple orgasms. My first one ever. I knew that minute that he had won this round, but I still had a chance to beat him.

After he came, we collapsed in a pile of our sweat and juices, trying to catch our breaths. A few minutes pass then I slowly sit up and then sit on him with a wicked grin on my face.

“What?” He said.

“Nothing”. Still smiling. I started to slowly gyrate on him, my smile getting wider because with each move he got harder. It is time to win this bet because I know my riding skills were unrivaled. I bend slowly and kiss him with great intensity, he moans softly…. Game on.

#DearDiary | My Friends…☺️

I actually love my friends. Like a heck lot.

I know a lot of people but I’m not close to more than a handful, and this handful is family too. I’ve never really talked about my friends but I’m who I am today partly because of them. The Nawti Natives. My major support system.

Sometimes I wonder why they put with me or are even my friends. But I’m forever grateful for having them in my life. We are a bunch of mixed personalities yet well blended into one unit – family.

I’ve actually not made as many bad decisions because these people are my reality check. They call me on my bullshit and keep me somewhat sane. Don’t get it twisted oh, these guys are fucking crazy too but I think in many ways they are a lot sane-r than I am.

I just wanted to write an appreciation post for them. I grew up a big loner so it took me a long time to let people in or get close to anyone. I’m just grateful this bunch accepted me and love me despite how flawed I am. Yes, we fight but we always work it out. Because that’s what family does.

I love my highly dysfunctional family – my friends! ❤️

#DearDiary | Susie’s Sexcapades

I’ve been kneeling here for the past 30 minutes, dried up, chafing, and I swear I’m beginning to smell burnt rubber. This is the price I have to pay for wanting some Igbo dick in me. I’m so screwed – literally and figuratively!

Onye is a drummer with a live band, and I must say, he is rather talented. I noticed him playing because he was so damn passionate. I think the best part of weddings besides all that food is the music. This was one wedding I was covering that I wasn’t actively even on the prowl, so I didn’t give him any much thought. Just as the reception was winding down, I took out my phone to see if I had any hits on my hook up apps.

Tinder – one hit from a guy looking like he’s in his 50s. No daddy issues here so…nope.

LynkUp – that 18 year old man-boy again??? Sigh!

Twitter – ooh..5 DMs? Niice!…

“Hi!” I’m distracted from my little private part victory dance by this tall, well built, BLACK man with a very recognizable Igbo accent. It was the drummer boy. He had on a tshirt and some really tight pants. So tight that I could make out his dick print. It was a rather large print, and I was immediately intrigued.


“Sorry, but you’re the photographer right?”

“Yes?” I say with a flirty smile.

“Oh, good. Please can you take a picture of me and my girlfriend?” He pulls close a petite looking lady who I never even noticed was standing there. I freeze my smile and agree to take the picture, grudgingly. I take a couple of shots and as I turn to leave afterwards I hear “Hey miss!” Rolling my eyes, I turn around to find out why I was being summoned by Mr Big Bulge.

“Sorry, can I get your number?”

“For?” I ask feeling hopeful again.

“So you can send me the pictures through WhatsApp.”

I was going to come up with some kinda excuse as to why I can’t, but just as I was about to speak I sighted his bulge again. We exchanged numbers and that was that. I left for home almost immediately after. No sex was had on that day.

Two days after later, I get a WhatsApp message from an unknown number. I quickly check the profile picture before opening the message, it is Onye. I roll my eyes again, same time twitching slightly down there.

“Hello ma” – I laughed when I read it because in my head I could hear his accent.

I replied “Sup?”

“This is Onye. The drummer from the wedding last Saturday.”

“Ok. Wassup?” I replied dryly.

“Are you busy?”

“Not really. Was about to masturbate.”

He reads the message but doesn’t reply for like 2 minutes. I’m laughing hard. This could go either way. I see he’s typing so I’m slightly hopeful.

“Why would you be masturbating when I’m here? Lol.”

Even though I know he’s joking, I couldn’t help but try my luck.

“Maybe you should come over then”

Another 3 minutes pass. He starts to type, stops then starts after like 30 seconds.


I feel my belly tickling with excitement. After I send him my address and dropped my phone, I take a look around my room and honestly couldn’t be bothered that it was a mess. I was about to get laid!

It’s been an hour since he got here and I’ve spent half of it on my knees, being rammed rather rhythmically from behind by a man with a rather huge cock. No, I’m not even faking my screams, they are real. Damn, I hope he doesn’t shift my womb oh….

#DearDiary | How I Wish….

I wish you could see yourself through my eyes

See what, no – WHO I see when I look at you

How great you are

How special and blessed you truly are

I wish you could understand

That you are destined for greatness

You are unique

You are amazing

You DESERVE happiness

Can’t you tell that the world gladly holds its breathe waiting for you?

Yes, some people would say you’re less than

But all that truly matters is how YOU see YOURSELF

So I NEED you to see what I see, what we all see

That you are a fucking ROCKSTAR!!! 🤴🏽👸🏾

#DearDiary | Susie’s Sexcapades (prose)

So, last week I started writing a story about a 29 year old female photographer and sex freak called Susie. Well, here’s an update of what she’s been up to….

*18+ only*


Weddings are my least favorite events to cover as a photographer but they pay a shitload so I put up with all the serenren that comes with it. And I honestly don’t mind all the yummy free food that comes with other perks and bonuses. Speaking about perks, I’ve been eye-banging the best-man for the past 30 minutes. We keep catching each other looking. He’s not too tall, slightly chunky but in a nerdy yet sexy way he is rather attractive. He walked by me earlier and I almost fell over myself from the arousal I got from just the whiff of his cologne.

The wedding reception is slowly winding down and people are pleasantly hammered. I spot Mr Best-man off in a corner, face buried in his phone. Sensing this is the only chance I get, I make my move.

“You don’t like weddings too?” I chime.

He looks up, a puzzled look first which then slowly turns into the sweetest smile ever. Damn, I’m wet again.

“No, not really. But it is my brothers wedding so I had no choice”. We chuckle. I go on to ask rather irrelevant questions about his brother, the bride, even the venue decor. When all I really wanted to ask is “Are you free tonight?” “Would you tie me up and spank me while you ride me from behind?” “Durex or Trojan?”

As I felt like our polite conversation wasn’t going anywhere due to a brief awkward silence we were enduring, he said “I noticed you had your eyes on me all evening….”


“What was that about?”

“Well,” I said, “I couldn’t help but notice you. Something about your smile just turns me on greatly”

His eyes grew wide in surprise as he wears an amused smile. His eyes soon had a glint of dark desire and I knew he was hooked. I made a move as if to leave when I felt his right hand gently grip my left arm, “You can’t seriously wanna leave just when things are getting interesting?” He looked surprised and somewhat confused. I smiled sweetly and said, “I stood up ‘cos I was gonna ask ‘your place or mine?’.” He laughed, stood up and led me to his car…

This was yesterday night. It is 5:15pm right now, I’ve had multiple orgasms since 9pm yesterday till now. I’m still cloudy from the effects he’s having on me. It’s a shame I never asked his name because now that he’s down there working wonders with his tongue and fingers, I can’t scream his name to show appreciation. All I can say is “Oh lawd! Yes!!!”…